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Hiya. Here's my wiki; I also blog at itcookbook.net.

This wiki is an informal sort of doodling space. Don't expect fully-formed thoughts; what you find here is apt to be in progress, unfinished, or even abandoned. Feel free to use the comment link at bottom of each page, or email me, if you'd like more info on anything found here.

The WMIC Snippets page has had some popularity among sysadmins.

My old sites, which will be going away as I fold the content into itcookbook, are:

On March 11, 2010 I spent a little time re-organizing this wiki. All the old page links still work; it's just that I've juggled things around for a clearer menu structure over there on the right.

I used to keep maps of my travels here. Changes in how Zoho presents the page made that a bit unwieldy, so I have moved them to a page of their own.

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